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For every affiliate site, it is imperative that there is absolute transparency regarding commission rates offered by advertisers to publishers. Unfortunately, many affiliate sites do not maintain this mandated level of transparency. On Aurigamedia though, there is little cause for concern since all commission rates are known well in advance from the very outset, before publishers even begin working on promoting advertiser offers. A huge advantage that publishers enjoy on Aurigamedia is the kind of bonuses that advertisers typically offer based on good performance. For instance, anytime sales exceed a certain threshold, publishers are paid bonus amounts beyond agreed upon commission rates. On Aurigamedia, the advantage herein is that there are many advertisers who offer such bonuses, rarely seen on other affiliate platforms.

At Aurigamedia, we use our holistic approach to affiliate marketing as a tool to produce results. We have the ability to influence repeat purchases by employing strategies that help us reach out to new audiences. Our clients do not have to worry about our quality control, as we optimize our performances from time to time.

Aurigamedia was built with the aim of growing your business. This aim governs all we do including making ours an all-in-one monetization platform. We take out all complexities involved in digital sales to help you meet needs like partner sales, risk management & compliance, global tax & financial services, subscription billing, digital commerce and all forms of global payments.

At Aurigamedia, the use of our affiliate marketing services include the assigning every account to unique account managers who are vast in the promotion of campaigns. We also provide affordable advertisement services, using our network. We strongly believe that “flexibility is key to affiliate success”, thus we allow users to choose the delivery method that works for them.


..once I started earning with affiliate marketing I was hooked. I had the freedom to work whenever I wanted and earn a decent living.

Josh Bransworth
Marketing Manager